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The chief enterprise of the Cataloging Department is establishing the organization, access, and retrieval of the Gray Library's collections. The department is divided into two main component functions: (1) Cataloging/Bibliographic Maintenance and (2) Materials Processing/Linking.

The Cataloging/Bibliographic Maintenance Unit provides bibliographic records for the online catalog that correspond to a variety of materials in the library, including books, journals, maps, music scores, videocassettes, CDs, DVDs, e-books, websites, and other non-print collections. The unit also provides authority records for the online catalog. These records establish the proper form of headings and appropriate cross-references for names, series titles, and subjects appearing in the catalog.

The department utilizes the cataloging module of the Sirsi staff client. (See They also retrieve existing shared records and contribute completely original records to the WorldCat database of the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), an international library cooperative whose headquarters are located in Dublin, Ohio. (See

The Materials Processing/Linking Unit prepares items for the shelf once they have been cataloged. This involves several steps, typically including property stamping, security stripping, trimming pages, bar coding, and linking the items into the online catalog with the proper location, material type, and circulation status. This unit also removes volumes from the collection, the local online database, and OCLC during periods of weeding. Additionally, the unit mends older materials that have deteriorated in the stacks over time, and they periodically participate in a systematic inventory of the stack floors.

Cataloging Department personnel consist of:

  • Jon Tritsch, Interim Cataloging Coordinator (Faculty status)
  • Sherri Fitzgerald, Library Supervisor
  • Virginia McZeal, Library Assistant
  • John Burton, Library Assistant

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